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    First, a computer scans your tax return to compare specific trends.

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    自2020年起,税收将在不到一周内到期-这是您友好的提醒,预产期是5月17日— what better time to talk about them than right now??? I know, I know: Taxes are not a SUPER-EXCITING topic, but we gotta do 'em, so we may as well learn some tips on how to save money and avoid getting audited, right?!


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    To get the answers, I spoke toAhad Ali.他是一个拥有的一位注册会计师Ahad&Co,这是纽约精品会计师事务所。

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    Kathy Hoang/Bubobsport1.comzzFeed公司

    让我们开始为什么可能会带来好处ile taxes, even if you aren't required to. "The income threshold where you're required to file taxes changes every year. This year it is $12,400 and $400 if you're self-employed. Generally, if you make under this amount, you don't have to file, but it's good to file because you may be entitled to a refund," said Ahad.




    If you don't file taxes because you owe money, sometimes the IRS files the tax return for you. "When they file taxes on your behalf, they don't add all the deductions and things you're entitled to, so it's always good to file yourself."




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    "Owed taxes don't affect your credit score, but there are other ways that it can affect your life. The IRS can levy your bank account; they can levy your wages — they'll try all of these tactics to get that money out of you. However, there are people who are completely off the radar, and they don't have much the IRS can take," he said.

    And, as everyone knows, not paying your taxes for many years will leave you with a ton of penalties and we are NOT suggesting that you wait 10 years until your tax debts disappear!

    随着去年流感大流行的开始,让我们来讨论一下你今年申报时税收的不同方式,以及你可能从中受益的方面。”有一些特殊的事情要知道由于关怀法案.One of them is the stimulus payments. If you were a dependent on your parents' 2019 taxes, you can file independent for 2020 and get the first two stimulus checks — even if you had no income," explained Ahad.


    If you were a dependent you can still get your stimulus check.#刺激#刺激#税收tok#病毒性#税收#税收es#fyp#foryoupage.

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    In addition, elderly people who didn't file taxes in 2019 andpeople who had babies in 2020 can also claim this Recovery Rebate Credit.

    另一个被忽视的推论是教育。有一种东西叫做Lifetime Learning Creditwhere if you take courses to better yourself or your career, you can get a tax credit for it.

    现在,有什么红色旗帜,用于潜在于税收审计?阿德说,自雇人士 - 像自由职业者,独立承包商等 - 夸大他们的扣除额都有高风险。“美国国税局有这么多指标。他们有数百万纳税人数据,他们会将它们与所有人进行比较。因此,让我们说你把15,000美元花在你的工作中花费了15,000美元平均5,000美元 - 这是一个红旗。你可能会被标记为审计。“





    Your guide to what you can write off as an OnlyFans creator.#税收#税收es#业务#企业家#fyp#foryoupage.

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    不申报所有收入也是一个危险信号。在这种情况下,你可能会得到underreporting letter和have to pay taxes on the income you did not claim, plus penalties and fees.

    If you do get audited, the IRS will send you a letter in the mail. "The IRS never sends emails or even phone calls — and they rarely call. A general audit can go back three years...however, they can go back up to seven years if you understate more than 25% of your income," said Ahad.


    The best way to avoid getting audited is to keep good records of your expenses so that your tax return can be accurately filed. Ahad suggests using a free tracking software service, likeWave或者QuickBooks.

    So how do you know if you need a tax expert to do your taxes or if you should just do them yourself? Ahad said not everyone needs a CPA. "Once you start having a complicated tax situation — like rental properties, business ventures, or multiple sources of income — that's when you should consider a tax professional, because there are way too many deductions, myths, and rules that most people don't know about."


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    “像我这样的注册会计师也可以做简单的回报。如果你稍后收到通知,那就只是和我们一起工作,你不明白。你可以把它发送给我们 - 我们将在那里。我们有很多人际关系与我们的客户,所以,如果您未来的努力和未来的目标,我们可以提供帮助。如果您使用TurboTax或Inne Online,您每年会得到一个不同的人;你不知道他们是谁。他们不“我知道你的历史或在我们这样做的个人层面上了解你。”




    ♬ 原声-阿哈德注册会计师|税务专家


    Special thanks to Ahad Ali fromAhad&Co.Be sure to follow him onTikTok一款图片分享应用有关更多财务建议!

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