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    19 Design Fails That'll Be Funny If You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

    "Take action. Quit school."

    One of my favorite pastimes is pointing out and finding abhorrent design fails that just tickle my fancy. But the absolute best are the ones that are...pretty dark.


    1.Like...I won't lie, this sign that accidentally suggests you follow someone home made me chuckle.

    Ah yes, my favourite pass time!fromShittyDesign

    2.As did this bus ad that told kids to quit school.

    I just found this picturefromdesignfails

    Take control, kids.

    3.Oh, and while you're at it, kids, don't forget to do drugs!

    Recalled pencil from the 90'sfromShittyDesign

    4.They maybe shouldn't have made the "child abuse" so big. Just sayin'.

    We support child abusefromdesignfails

    5.And the placement of this font was also not so smart.

    Oh dearfromdesignfails

    6.And this choice of words is...not great.

    Let’s sock themfromdesignfails

    Was this...supposed to be a pun or something? Or were they just trying to make "sock" a verb that meant giving away socks?

    7.Thanks for the suggestion!

    Intresting advertfromdesignfails

    Poor balloon guy.

    8.I just choked on my coffee.


    Imagine getting handed one of these at a baby shower.

    9.I...didn't know you could do that.


    10....Thanks for the reminder, Burger King.

    Thanks Burger King that really made me feel better.fromdesignfails


    11.Sounds like the start of a Netflix crime documentary.

    Who was the genius.fromdesignfails

    I'd like to meet whoever designed this. I feel like we'd get along.

    12.Wow,Finding Nemowas darker than I remembered.

    Fish tank advertising fish and chipsfromdesignfails

    13.Sounds like something Anakin Skywalker would say.

    Sand is my Hitler?fromdesignfails

    14.It's even better that this is a Habitat for Humanity van.


    16.Take note: dog poop is out and cannibalism is in, people.

    Eat the childrenfromShittyDesign

    17.Seems like an ad for the Doublemeat Palace.

    I dont think you should make human burgersfromShittyDesign

    Sorry, obligatoryBuffyreference.

    18.In case your preferred Lady Killer is in the shop!

    Saw this (my wife) at ladies bathroom...fromdesignfails

    19.And finally...let's not. :/

    Let’s beat the children!fromShittyDesign

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