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    17 People Who Are So Much Smarter Than Me, It's Actually Embarrassing

    *Stands up and slow claps*

    1.The genius who came up with this simple, but handy, idea:

    This hotel has a glass cutoff so you can turn on the shower before getting in.fromDesignPorn

    2.The smarty who created this inclusive Rubik's Cube:

    Rubik's Cube for the BlindfromDesignPorn

    4.The person who developed this useful feature:

    A Suitcase that can measure its own weightfromDesignPorn

    6.The genius who created this design feature that I'm sure residents appreciate:

    Train has windows that automatically blind when going past residential blocksfrominterestingasfuck

    9.The car designer who had the foresight to add this feature:

    This car has a USB-C port near the mirror to power a dash cam cleanly and easilyfrommildlyinteresting

    10.The helpful puzzle maker who included this:

    My 1000 piece puzzle has a cheat code!frommildlyinteresting

    11.The cat lover who built this lovely thing:

    An old TV repurposed into a cat bed for my cat’s birthday.frommildlyinteresting

    12.And the dog lover who designed this clever deck:

    These playing cards.fromDesignPorn

    13.The video game–loving designer who just wanted to put a smile on our faces:

    The air vents on a subway in Stockholm have a hidden Pacman easter eggfrommildlyinteresting

    15.The designer who created this lovely handrail:

    Twitter: @blauer_geist

    16.The person who wanted to help take one thing off your mind:

    A pill bottle that keeps track of when it was last openedfrominterestingasfuck

    17.And finally, the genius designer who created this logo:

    Never noticed the Yamaha logo is tuning forksfromDesignPorn

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