22 Mind-Blowing Facts I Literally Just Learned That Completely Altered My Worldview

    How many Legos can you stack before the bottom brick gets crushed? A whole lot!

    1.This isTimothy Evans。水苍玉埃文斯,1949年盖的妻子和他们的1-year-old daughter Geraldine were found murdered. Timothy was the primary suspect, and in 1950 he was found guilty of the crime and hanged...

    Timothy Evans with a look of shock and terror on his face
    Keystone / Getty Images

    ......这是John Christie, the Evans' neighbor. Christie was a chief witness for the prosecution in the trial, and his testimony led to the conviction and execution of Timothy Evans. It wasn't until three years after Evans' death that it was discovered that John Christie was actually a serial killer, and among his eight known victims were Beryl and Geraldine Evans. This tragic case would become a major factor in Great Britain's decision to abolish the death penalty. In the US, the death penalty is still used in 27 states, and a 2014 study concluded that1 in 25people on death row is innocent.

    John Christie posing for a photo
    Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

    2.这些被认为是最古老的幸存的裤子存在 - 好吧,捆绑for the oldest with another pair that was found alongside them. They werediscoveredin western China on the mummies of two shamans:

    The world's oldest pants, a 3300-year-old wool trousers discovered in the vast Yanghai cemetery near Turfan, northwestern China [2066x3072]ArtefactPorn

    3.There's a town in Southern California thatelected a dogas its mayor. His name is Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II:

    Meet Mayor Max II, The elected mayor of Idyllwilddamnthatsintesting.

    4.Nathan Reeves and his wife, Suzie Quintal, spent this past Christmas on Norfolk Island in Australia when, in an unlucky turn of events, Nathan lost his wedding ring while going for a swim. They reported the ring lost on some local Facebook pages, but there was little else they could do. Five months later,the ring actually turned up在Umercelikiest的地方。一个名为的浮潜和作家Susan Priorspotted — and managed to photograph — a hapless mullet fish with Nathan's ring wrapped around its body:

    A mullet fish with a gold ring wrapped around its body
    Susan Prior

    5.苏珊在5月份用金戒指察觉了鱼,但在2月份,她发现了其他Mullet鱼佩戴塑料环(塑料瓶上的扭曲帽的那些),如下图所示。在她的博客中,她解释道, "Mullet snuffle through the sand looking for food, making it so easy for a ring or hair tie to flip over their noses and get stuck." She hopes that this unlucky fish will inspire people to take greater care not to litter and to be more cautious with their belongings — oh, and regarding those pesky plastic rings, she recommends cutting them! It could save a mullet's life.

    A mullet fish with a plastic ring wrapped around its body
    Susan Prior

    6.Thisrecent photoof Mars sent from the Perseverance rover is breathtaking, incredible, and even a little bit terrifying. The hill in the distance is called "Santa Cruz":

    Martian landscape. Mars Perseverance Rover captured this image.spaceporn.

    7.北极星,又名北极星,实际上不是最聪明的observable star in our night sky. In fact, it just barely cracks the top 50. It is, however, *4,000 times* brighter than our Sun, which just goes to show how insignificantly tiny our solar system is in the whole scope of the universe. Polaris is approximately 434 light-years from Earth, which means the light we're seeing when we look at it was generated左右that Shakespeare was writing his earliest known play,The Taming of the Shrew。For comparison, it only takes8.3分钟for the light that our Sun generates to reach Earth.

    北极星shining brightly in the night sky
    Christophe Lehenaff / Getty Images

    8.Yasukewas the first foreign-born samurai in the history of Japan who fought side-by-side with Oda Nobunaga, one of feudal Japan's most feared and ruthless warlords. Very little is known about Yasuke's origins — though it's become part of his mythology that he arrived in Kyoto a slave, some historians have come to doubt that fact. What is known is that he was likely born somewhere in Africa, spoke fluent Japanese, was an extremely capable warrior, and was very, very tall — he was said to be 6'2'',much比当时的普通人高。尽管只出现在一个三年的记录历史上,从1579年到1582年,Yasuke已经抓住了人们的想象力,并已继续成为一个近似神话的人物:


    9.The HMSTerrorwas part of a doomed expedition — ominously known as "富兰克林失去了探险“ - 在170年前寻找西北部的北极。探险船的船只(BOB体育Terrorand the HMSErebus),以及整个129人的机组人员,消失了。直到最近船舶被重新发现,并在2019年的残骸Terrorwas explored and found to be in"pristine" condition。They even foundplates and bottles arranged on shelves。The ship is so well preserved, in fact, that researchers hope to find documents that might shed light on确切地what happened almost two centuries ago in the most inhospitable place on Earth:

    The Helm of HMS Terror, which sunk in the Arctic in 1848服从核查恐怖

    10。Tanitoluwa Adewumi.started playing chess only three years ago while he was living in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. He and his family had just escaped religious persecution in Nigeria and arrived in the United States as refugees. Now, at the age of 10, he just earned the title of Chess Master* —less than 1%of rated players ever earn the title of Master. His next goal? To become the youngest Grandmaster ever, which he'll need to accomplish before he's 12 years and 7 months old if he's to best the current record holder:

    Meet America's Newest Chess Master, 10-Year-Old Tanitoluwa Adewuminextfuckinglevel.

    *To become a Chess Master you need to reach评分为2,200。Your rating is a reflection of your strength as a player, and it rises and falls based on your performance against other rated players. To become a Grandmaster, you need to have had a rating of at least 2,500 – but there'sother criteriathat need to be met to reach that level.

    11.This isLyuba,她是有史以来最好的羊毛猛犸象之一。令人惊讶的是,研究人员设法决定了死亡的原因(而且它有点令人心碎)。40万年前,Lyuba - 只有一BOB体育个月大的时间 - 落在一些水中,吸入泥浆,并窒息死亡,如在她的气管中发现的泥浆所证明的:


    12.Just in case you're wondering, a Lego brick can withstand a weight of 950 pounds (432 kilograms), which means you could stack375,000 Lego bricks在底层砖会破裂之前。乐高塔将超过两英里(3.5公里)。

    Three stacks of Lego blocks
    luca_daviddi / getty图像

    13.这些是巨大的土地 - 具体而言,Dendrosenecio kilimanjari— and they're a prehistoric plant that can only be found on Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro:


    14.The黑马armidale.was a Royal Australian Navy warship that battled in the Pacific theater during World War II. In November of 1942, after surviving a series of close calls, thearmidale.终于沉没了日本战斗机。所有的掌柜(armidale.在第二次世界大战期间失去了“军舰类”armidale.suffered the greatest loss of life with 100 total casualties. The photo below, which depicts a group of men clinging to a raft after surviving the initial attack, is the last time they were ever seen alive or dead:

    Survivors of HMAS Armidale on a raft after their ship was sunk by Japanese air attack, December 1942. A Catalina flying boat later took this photo but was unable to assist due to rough seas. The survivors were never found again. [639 × 501]历史植物

    15.Despite being 2.5 million light-years away, the Andromeda galaxy wouldstillappear to besix times larger比我们夜空中的月亮,如果它足够明亮:

    If the Andromeda galaxy was bright enough to see with the naked eye it would appear six times larger than a full moon.interestingasfuck

    16.研究人员最近发现了一个巨型猫牙齿猫可能在5到900万年前居住。BOB体育他们现在被认为是漫游地球的最大猫之一 - 事实上,他们可能已经猎杀了犀牛。

    A sabre-toothed cat skull
    Chris Hellier / Getty Images

    17.High up in the Italian Alps, ice is beginning to melt as a result of global warming, uncovering all sorts ofremnants and relics from the first World War。They're finding weapons, gear, diaries, and postcards, and even the bodies of soldiers. More soldiers are believed to have died from the unforgiving mountain environment — from falls, freezing to death, sickness, and avalanches — than from actual combat:


    18.虽然具有突变和出生缺陷的动物是一个相对普遍的景象,但是这是什么三眼牛犊如此独特的是通常开发的额外眼睛似乎是多么的。拯救了发现的兽医麦拉休·休斯告诉了Daily Post, "From the outside the extra eye looks fine. It has eyelids and eyelashes, and it is moist too, as if some kind of lubricant is being secreted" — though it's unknown if the eye is functional:


    19.Addpyrosomesto the list of bizarre, difficult-to-define things you can find in the ocean. These sometimes enormous masses are not individual animals; they're many thousands of animals — called zooids — that join together to create super-organisms, or colonies, known as pyrosomes. They move around the ocean as one and occasionally break off and create smaller colonies that eventually grow large themselves:



    Tracks in flooded mine. Looks otherworldlyinterestingasfuck

    21。Despite being a carnivorous plant, Venus flytraps are surprisingly good at not turning their pollinators into meals. According to a study from a few years ago,研究人员发现了只有在陷阱中发现的32%的昆虫在它们上有花粉,并且最常见的10个普通的金星verctrap粉粉丝器根本从未消耗过。部分原因是什么?他们有很高的花朵:

    Venus fly traps put their flowers really far away from their traps so they don’t accidentally kill their pollinatorsinterestingasfuck

    And last but not least, a gross frog fact:

    22。这是毛茸茸的青蛙, also known as the horror frog and the wolverine frog, but that's not really hair. Those are strands of skin that it grows during mating season — and that's not even the most unsettling thing about these little guys. No, what sets the hairy frog apart is its ability to break bones in the tips of its own toes, which pierces through the skin, giving it sharp claws with which to defend itself:


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